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So, my dsl provider has a relatively easy to use IPv6 tunnel brokering service. Since I've been running the various addresses out of a server on the DSL, I decided to try to set up IPv6 on them.

Initially, I had some problems because the NetBSD tools didn't like the address allocations for the tunnels themselves. I ultimately resolved this by just using one of the Linux machines on the same connection to be the local end of my tunnel instead. So far, I've only set up two of my machines to be able to use the IPv6 connection: freasha and They both seem to have connectivity, but since I don't really have a good way for getting a connection back to verify, it would be useful if someone else with IPv6 connectivity could verify that those machines are reachable from the IPv6 internet.

Incidentally, gives out stupidly large allocations of addresses to people using their IPv6 tunnels. My allocation was 2001:05a8:0004:5d10::/60. This is 2^68 addresses (2^4 more than the minimum allocation size) or about 295147905179352825856 addresses. I've only set myself up to use the 2001:05a8:0004:5d10::/64 space so far as I thought it would be wasteful to put all of those addresses in the same space. Also, using a /64 means that I can just use IPv6 stateless configuration to make the whole thing go. Unfortunately, I still haven't quite figured out how to make the default routes propagate, so I've had to feed them in manually. I'm sure there is a way to do it, but it isn't at all obvious from the configuration file man page...

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